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Get Ready for Commencement! 

May 20-23, 2024

To find your ceremony date, time and location, visit the commencement website below.

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The Division of Student Affairs Transforms Lives.

The purpose of the Division of Student Affairs is to support students academically, personally and professionally through student-centered educational services and resources. 

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We're Here to Help Students

All programs, services, and activities led by the Division of Student Affairs are for Cal State Fullerton students. Below are a several resources that can help you get started on your journey as a Titan. 

Our Three Clusters

Our 50+ departments are categorized into three areas: Identity and Belonging, College Access and Career Pathways, and Engagement and Well-Being. Associated Students, Inc., Titan Athletics, and Title IX and Gender Equity are also part of the Division of Student Affairs.

Identity and Belonging


The area of Identity and Belonging consists of departments dedicated to the priorities of diversity, inclusion, supporting students in a meaningful way to give a sense of belonging and connectedness, which are essential for the persistence and graduation rates of students, aiming to empower Titans in the process of matriculation.

Engagement and Well-being


The area of Engagement and Well-Being consists of departments dedicated to helping students navigate through their own challenges to be successful in their curricular and co-curricular activities. The area provides a personalized approach to supportive services to make certain students are able to enhance their personal and academic experiences. Each department strives to make a significant difference in a student’s life and help them reach their potential at Cal State Fullerton and beyond.

College Access and Career Pathways

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The area of  College Access and Career Pathways  consists of departments dedicated to building a pipeline of college success from outreach, admission, funding their education, community engagement, and career development.